Traveling into the Tanzanite Mines of Tanzania, Africa

allan June 1, 2017 No Comments

Traveling into the Tanzanite Mines of Tanzania, Africa


Do not visit Tanzania without exploring the Tanzanite minings for your one time life experience and learn about the history, mystery and rarity of Tanzanite, unique to the World. Through a mining tour, visitors discover how tanzanite was created, named, mined, cut, polished and graded. There is also the opportunity to purchase tanzanite direct from the source(minings).

Blue Zebra Tanzanite under Reagan Balozi, are the best ones to take you there!!!

Blue Zebra Art Studio is located in Tanzania in the small town of Moshi, situated at the bottom of the fascinating and exceptionally beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro.

We pride ourselves in our collection of traditional and contemporary handcrafted African art, including paintings, carvings, jewellery, antiques, household items, clothing and much, much more. Many African artists never get to show the world their talents, here at Blue Zebra we strive to make that possible.